July 18, 2013

What does your blog stand for

The other day I read an interesting article over on fib about figuring out what your blogs brand essence is. If you would like to take a look you can find it here. I had never really taken the time to figure this out but after reading this article I have been thinking more and more about trying to figure out what my blog stands for, how I want people to feel when they are visiting my site and where I see this blog heading in the next couple of years.

Some of the questions asked were:

When someone reads this blog they feel ________________

Unlike (name of blog that is the same or similar to yours), my blog is _______________

If my blog were a clothing brand, the people wearing it would be _____________

While thinking about these questions I thought who better then to help me answer these questions that I seem to struggle with then the people who take the time to sit down and read my blog posts.

I would love to here your answers to the above questions and any other input you might have for me.

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