August 15, 2013

Battle Creek Festival

It was a perfectly sunny day as we headed to Battle Creek to enjoy a day filled with carnival rides, fast cars, air show and balloon festival. Of course the first thing Jason wanted to do as we entered the fair grounds was go check out all the sports cars, I on the other hand headed straight for the fair food and grabbed myself an enormous elephant ear. Ever had one? they are fantastic. I am glad you usually only see them sold at carnivals because if I eat them all the time I would be a thousand pounds by now.

We spent most of the day stretched out on a blanket enjoying the air show. It included the little plane from the disney movie cars and also a crazy man who stands on the top of the aircraft and walks around doing different stunts while the plane continues to fly around. Crazy, yes thats what I thought.

 That little blob of orange would be the guy standing on top of the plane.

Unfortunately as the air show was ending they announced that due to the bad weather that was heading towards the grounds the balloons would be unable to fly in. I was really disappointed as they were suppose to be lit up as night fell and it would have really been something magical to see.

Maybe next time. At least I got to enjoy my elephant ear.

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