August 5, 2013

Made it

After four days of traveling and 1800 miles give or take we finally made it to our destination. I haven't talked much about our plans for the next year or so because I really have no clue. I am like that you see, tons of people have been asking me what we will be doing for the next year, where will be living, I have no answer for you.

Our tentative plan as it stands now is to stay with Jason's family in little Glace Bay, Nova Scotia for a couple of months. Mostly to catch up with all his family since we only visited for two weeks before we took off to Australia and before that Jason hadn't seen his family in over a year. After we save for a month of two and get things some what organized I would like to look around Halifax, Nova Scotia for somewhere to settle down, a home base if you will for the next year maybe and only take smaller vacations when we get restless.

Now this is only an idea, it all depends on what kind of work I can find. I am also looking at going back to school or taking some night classes to figure out my next direction career wise. I hope to make friends, find a place I feel like I belong in but this is hard for me.

I will talk more about our decision to stay in Nova Scotia and all about our fun road trip later. I still haven't really blogged about my stay in Michigan at all. We stayed with my mom for almost three months and I have tons of pictures to show you guys. I am still in the process of going through them all but I promise, starting tomorrow I will be organized and ready to share my life with you all.

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