August 13, 2013

Tulip Time

We arrived in Holland, Michigan just in time for the well known tulip festival. It is crazy how enthusiastic the people of Holland are about this. Tulips of every shape, colour and size line all the streets for miles. There is also a parade, although it was freezing on this day and Jason and I were huddled in a near by coffee shop trying to still see the parade go by. We hadn't exactly had to deal with any cold weather the entire time we were in Australia so anything below 10 C is cold to us.

How neat are these frayed edges

This is my lovely mom, who I tricked into taking this picture

We walked around the tulip gardens. I had no clue there are so many different colours and types of tulips, did you? My favourite are the dark purple ones.

Have you ever been to a tulip festival?

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