September 3, 2013

Blogtember Day 1 - where I come from

Can it really be that long ago that I participated in the blog everyday in May challenge? This summer has just flown by, I really can't believe it's September. With a new month and fall closing in, why not join in with another great blog challenge. If you haven't heard, Jenni from Story of My Life has designed another month long challenge for us to keep those creative juices flowing. Head on over here and check it out, grab the button and join in.

Day 1 - Describe where or what you come from

I was born in Hanover, Germany to a Welsh dad and a Canadian mom. Both of my parents were adopted. Try that for family history. I am the middle child of three, all girls. I spent most of my childhood moving around, I am an army brat after all. One could say this is where the wanderlust started. I love getting together every Sunday for a family roast dinner. Family is everything to me and even though we are all spread out over several different Countries, when I visit its like I never left at all.

I grew up riding horses, its a love that goes deep with our family. I spent many summers traveling around with my mom and two sisters competing at different shows. Camping out under the stars together after a long day. My favourite was cross country jumping. Its an adrenaline rush for sure. I was able to gain so much knowledge and self confidence through these years. 

I can't really say I am from one place, we moved often. I have lived in Germany, England, Wales and in two different provinces in Canada. My favourite memories from childhood are from when we lived in Farnham, Surrey which is about 45 mins outside of London.

Growing up in the army and moving around so much definitely helped shape who I am today. It gave me the ability to easily step out of my comfort zone and explore all the places I have been so far. I love moving to new places and generally expect to every couple of years.

I think I have always had gypsy blood running through my veins. I have a restless soul.

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