September 19, 2013

Day 13 - A dinner party

Day 13 of Blogtember is to create a little story, starting with the sentence
"To say I was dreading the dinner party would be the understatement of the century."

I can't believe I am stuck sitting at the table with these people. How am I suppose to make it through two more courses. My boss is insufferable, his poor wife is sitting there trying to keep a smile on her face while he makes goggly eyes at the blonde bimbo at the other end. Everyone knows they are having an affair, how else did she get that promotion. Her brain is as big as an acorn, she must have slept with all her professors to make it through university.

Then theres Tod, he can't have a single conversation with a female co-worker without checking her out. The only reason he still has his job is the fact that he laughs every time the boss makes one of his inappropriate jokes. Its so much easier to be a man. Talk about golf and how your wife nags you and your brought in to the inner fold.

To my right we have Molly. Good old Molly. She's such a pushover. Everyone else dumps their work on her and she does it without complaint. Don't you have a life Molly? or do you enjoy staying at the office every night well past 11.

These people make me sick. So why am I here you ask? Well I spent 4 years in university, I was top of my class and I have been working my ass of at this company for 5 years. This dinner is all about a promotion. Four of us all competing for the senior position. The position that should be mine. I have dedicated my life to my career. Have given up friends, dates and even family gatherings. If I can just get this promotion it means I will make twice as much. It means I can save up and finally open up my dream shop.

I have been dreaming about my dream job. Its how I have made it through the past 5 years in this toxic environment. I was suppose to go on a date tonight. Thats right a date, with a rather attractive fire fighter I might add. But instead I am here, at this dinner party. I have all most made it. Desert has been served. The wine cups refilled. The boss is standing up, ready to make his speech. I can't take it, I'm grabbing onto the table and holding my breath, I might just pass out before I hear the name announced.

But wait, just he just say what I think he said?

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