September 10, 2013

Day 6 - Change

Todays topic for blogtember is a moment when your life took a turn.

I was 22 years old. Working as a admin assistant for an accounting firm, something I never thought I would do. I hate cubicles. Dating someone I knew I didn't want to be with anymore but unsure of what to do about it. Living together always makes things so much more complicated.

One day my best friend told me that her and her boyfriend were taking off for a year to travel around Asia. Instead of feeling happy for her I was instantly envious, that was suppose to be my life. That was my dream, what happened to me?

That was all I needed to kick my butt and sort out my life, start heading in the direction I actually wanted to go and not just keep going like I was, living a life I knew I did not want but not doing anything about it.

It took me less then four months to give notice at my job that I was leaving, tell my family and friends that I was leaving and most importantly end the relationship that really I should have ended a year before. I was so excited once I started ticking things off my list and I instantly knew this was what my life was suppose to be like. I took off to travel around Europe. I ended up going for all most a year and a half, volunteering on fruit picking farms, and horse ranches for room and board. It was the best experience ever and in instilled in a knowledge that that was the kind of life I wanted to live.

As corny as it sounds I found myself on that trip. I was more sure of myself and the person I wanted to become. Finally comfortable in my skin.

What is your most memorable moment where your life took a turn?

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