October 24, 2013

Everything pumpkin

October is the month of pumpkins. Everywhere you look you see those giant orange vegetables stacked up in neat piles just begging to be chosen. Pumpkin becomes the main theme of foods, drinks, diy and pretty much anything else you could think of. Lately on pinterest it has been nothing but pumpkins.
Check out this recipe for pumpkin donuts or this one for pumpkin pie smoothy.

But what about the fantastic benefits of pumpkin for your skin, thats right I suggested using this delicious ingredient on your face and heres why:

- Pumpkin is packed full of vitamins such as vitamin A which softens and gently exfoliates skin. Vitamin E for moisture.
- Antioxidants that fight against the signs of ageing and free radicals.
- If you suffer from breakouts or full on acne pumpkin has been known to fight inflammation, reduce excess oil and help prevent further breakouts.

We are currently using pumpkin in several treatments at the spa I work at. I love using it especially during a facial. The results for my clients after only one treatment are amazing. We use pure pumpkin puree as the mask during our facials. You can try it like that or try this homemade mask recipe I found via pinterest.

Have you discovered any delicious pumpkin recipes lately?

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