October 4, 2013

The way travel changed me - A series

With a new months comes a new series, a topic that I am very passionate about, travel. I think it is inevitable that if your a person such as myself and love to travel, you will find that with each new place you explore you discover a bit more about yourself. Over the next couple of weeks I have asked various bloggers to share their stories about travelling, but first here is my story.

The way travel has changed me

I think that its impossible not to change if you travel. I firmly believe that I would be a completely different person if I hadn't grown up traveling. I grew up in an army family with two sisters. All three of us were born in different Countries and every couple of years we moved to a different place and started our lives all over. Now some of you might think that this must of sucked, but for me it was great. Each place we went to I got to reinvent myself. If I didn't like something about myself or wanted to try something new I was free to do it because no one knew me. I became really good at making new friends and adapting well to new situations. Travel was very much apart of my life even in these early years. I might not have been so adventurous had I not grown up with this lifestyle.

I discovered who I was at a time that I felt so lost. I know it sounds so completely cliche but I learn't who I was and what I wanted out of life through travel. At the age of 22 when I packed up everything and traveled across Europe, I began to see the kind of life I wanted for myself and who I wanted to spend it with. At the age of 26 Jason and I took of for a year to Australia and we were able to create deeper and more meaningful relationship together. You truly find out if your relationship is meant to last when you spend every single day together for a year in a foreign Country. Taking that year off also allowed me to step back and really think about the direction I wanted my career to take.

Steps in the Vatican

I have developed the most wonderful friendships with people that I met along my travels. People I never would have met if I had just stayed in one place. Thanks to social media it is so easy to stay in touch with these friends and continue to make plans to meet up again. Becoming friends with people from all around the world opens you up to all kinds of ways to live your life. Often you meet people that have also chosen the road less taken and you find yourself chatting about places you have been and  swapping tips about where to go next.

I met these two on an Octoberfest tour

I am absolutely fascinated with the world and what it has to offer me. I don't think I will ever quit traveling. My bucket list is never ending and keeps growing every time I read someones post about a new place they went to. I am never happier then when I am exploring a destination, planning a trip or packing up and moving to a new place. Its not always easy, I miss my family like crazy when I am away from them. Sometimes its frustrating to be in a different culture and not fully understand the customs. But I wouldn't trade any of my experiences I have had over the years. I fully embrace both the good and the bad that comes with having a gypsy soul.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about my life.

How has travel changed you?


  1. What a wonderful life! I love to travel and would love to take off a year and travel all over Europe! Happy SITS day!

  2. I clicked on this post first because I have done my fair share of travelling in my life. My husband had military parents and two sisters - all of them were born in different places: he was born in Virgina, his younger sister in Germany, and the youngest sister in Kansas. He moved around a lot too and he is very adaptable to new situations. We moved from USA to Croatia where we currently live and he took the change as a true champ!

  3. Great post! Travel has changed me to be more open minded and aware of my surroundings, to think more positively and to always be up for the adventure. Fortunately, my husband is as much of an adventurer as I am and we try to plan as many escapes together as possible. Having a companion makes the trips that much more magical!

  4. Happy SITS Day! I have not traveled much, only in the US. However, I hope to travel more as my kids get a little older.

  5. I love love love traveling, even though there are times it makes me nervous! I want to do more of it!

    My children and I love roadtripping. We always get closer when we're out on the road, too, which is a nice fringe benefit of the adventure. I alway encourage travel. One of my daughters has been to Europe twice and South America - and I am grateful she understands how important travel is. The world keep getting smaller!

    Happy SITS day!

  6. Happy SITS Day! I too am fascinated with the world and would love to travel more. I have a few international friends which has opened up an entirely new world to me! How awesome to be able to start over in a new place!


  7. I do not travel. I would like to one day. I'd love to travel the Amazon. It's so exotic.

  8. Hi, visiting you via the SITS girls. I have traveled and enjoyed it, but a homey type who feels relieved when I can come home, unpack and settle into a "safe" routine. When I was growing up I had a friend who was a pastor's kid, she hated having to move around so much, because she claimed that she lost all of her friends and had to start all over again. We got disconnected when she moved overseas again, and never saw each other again. I wonder if she appreciates it better now...You have a more positive outlook than she did. Wish you the best with your blog!

  9. What a lovely blog. I enjoyed learning more about you and your travels. Congratulations on your SITS Day.

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  11. Happy SITS day! I just visited your blog and love it. As a British expat now residing in the US of A, I agree that travel changes you: it is so important.

    This is a big world we live in, we do ourselves an injustice if we don’t explore it.


  12. Happy Belated SITS Day! I am the opposite of you, I have lived in a very small box. I reside in the town I grew up in but I want to travel. We take small trips with the kids now and can't wait to take them on grander adventures so they can broaden their perspective. You are right, there is so much to be learned from travel.


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