October 30, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday - Glow worm caves New Zealand

Glow worm caves, New Zealand

Isn't this spectacular. Jason and I had planned to take a tour in Australia that had included a chance to check out some glow worm caves but for some reason we never got around to booking it. Sad times. So this is still on the bucket list but maybe when we decide to make a trip to New Zealand we can make sure that we do this first.


  1. I really like this cave, because it inspires me of the nature all around us. my blog is all about animals like insects, and mammals. http://animalsandinsectsofnorfolk.blogspot.co.uk/



  2. Beautiful :) You can kayak in bioluminescent water in Fajardo Puerto Rico too. www.prvacationhelpers.com/puerto-rico-bio-bay-tour.html


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