November 18, 2013

Lush Product Review

           Lush Face Products

This past year I have been fighting with my skin. While we were in Australia my skin started to break out, probably because of how humid it was. After five months of struggling and trying everything to get my skin to calm down the only thing that seemed to work was microdermabrasion. Luckily we had the machine at my work so  every other week I would quickly do micro on my skin before work. I immediately saw results and was so relieved.

But after spending a year in Australia and 3 months in Michigan, once we moved to Nova Scotia my skin decided to freakout again. I mean teenage hormonal breakouts. As I didn't have a micro machine handy and really didn't feel like paying to get it done every week I decided to try something soothing and natural on my skin.

Let the good times roll facial cleanser - This cleanser is from a previous Christmas collection that became so popular they decided to bring it back for year round use. Its a gentle everyday exfoliate that makes my skin feel so silky after use. It also makes my face smell like cinnamon candy afterwards.

Mask of magnaminty - This mask is for combination/ breakout prone skin. Using 1 to 2 times per week can help draw out any impurities that are under the surface of your skin. You know those little bumps you can feel when you run your hand across your checks and chin. Its nice and tingly while on and instantly soothes irritated skin.

After three weeks of use my skin is silky smooth. Although I still have breakouts, everything that was underneath has no come up to the surface and I have seen a huge difference in tone and texture. I am hoping that in another couple of weeks all will be cleared up and I can focus on keeping my skin balanced.

Have you found that your skin reacts differently depending on what type of climate your in?
What are your favourite Lush products?

* This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own. I am sharing these products only because I have loved the results.


  1. my skin always reacts differently depending on the climate/season. i use a clarasonic and have gotten great results, my skin always feels baby smooth after using it :)

  2. The climate in Korea/China (which isn't really that different from my hometown, ironically) plus the pollution ruined my skin. I'm looking all teenager, for the first time. I like Lush Ultrabland, but it's a bit expensive and can be time-consuming. I'll have to try that cinnamon cleanser!

  3. oh my skin really suffers in Cyprus from the effects of the heat, humidity and air conditioning. I found elizabeth arden products work for me, plus liz earle hot cloth cleanser. I think she ships worldwide and its definitely a cult product worth the money and the hype


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