November 25, 2013

Red Hair Love

Lets talk about needing change. I often find as the seasons change I start looking for a different hair colour/hair cut. Something to change this up a bit. Due to budgeting and perhaps laziness I haven't bothered to colour my hair since I was in Michigan in July and my mom did it for me. That would be why I haven't been in many of the pictures on this blog.

My roots are now to long to ignore and I am desperate to shake things up a bit. My hair colour now would be described as a warm chestnut brown, but I have always had natural copper in my hair and find myself drawn to these types of shades lately.

What do you think? should I take the plunge?

Red Hair Love


  1. i LOVE red hair. katie from skunkboy creatures has the most beautiful hair, reminds me a lot of alison sudol from a fine frenzy {also amazing hair}. you should go for it!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

    1. Funny you should say that. The first picture is Katie from Skunkboy lol. Thanks for the words of encouragement I think I will do it.

  2. As a natural red head I may be a bit biased...but yes!! :) Love red hair and any of those shades would look amazing! :)

    xx em

  3. I personally couldn't pull it off, but I think with your facial structure and eyes, red would look fabulous!!


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