December 5, 2013

Fortress of Louisbourg part two

I took far to many pictures to stick them all in one post so I thought I better split them up. I had a lot of fun wandering around all these buildings and reading all the little note cards about each artifact that had been found. So much history took place in this area that sometimes I swear I could feel the presence of spirits. Creepy I know. Jason took full advantage of this and managed to scare me a few times.

Apart from the constant fear of invasion I think it would have been a very charming place to live. The fortress prospered with all the fishing and trading that was taking place. The surrounding area is beautiful with hiking paths all around and view points looking out into the ocean.

The town of Louisbourg is a tiny little fishing village with a few boutique stores and restaurants. I am sure in the summer time it can be packed so I was really glad we decided to wait until the fall to go.

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