December 10, 2013

Usiage Ban Falls

I have a not so secret love of waterfalls. Ever since we moved to Nova Scotia I have been begging Jason to find me a many waterfalls as possible that we could go and explore. Usiage Ban Falls is located about 10 mins outside of Baddeck. Its a big of a hike to get to the falls.

It was a beautiful brisk fall day, no one else was around making it extremely peaceful. It took us almost three hours to walk up to the falls and all the way back around. We took our time, trying to make the most out of one of the few nice days left.

 We decided that the woods kind of reminded us of the Pans Labyrinth movie, which immediately had me a bit freaked out. I was convinced we were going to start seeing all kinds of weird things appear out of no where.

 Of course Jason wanted to climb up and get a closer look. I didn't know how I was going to drag him all the way back out if he fell. I really have no upper body strength.


  1. I love waterfalls as well. We went to a few in Fiji (on the island of Taveuni) and it was breathtaking, the water however was absolutely freezing!

  2. Fiji is up there on my bucket list. When we plan a trip there I will be coming to you for all sorts of advice and places to visit :)


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