December 23, 2013

What Christmas means to me

   Christmas means

Spending time with the ones I love
Thinking about the happiness of others
Making the time to help others
Celebrating all the great things in our lives
Taking time to enjoy the little things
My moms home made goodies
Drinking peppermint hot chocolate
Singing along to Christmas music
Sitting around the fireplace playing boardgames
Watching the snow fall outside
The smell of cinnamon and cloves
Mulled wine

"Christmas is not as much about opening presents as opening our hearts."
Janice Maeditere


  1. Yay Christmas! My friend hosted a bake exchange this year and it was so fabulous trying so many different goodies! It makes up for mum not being here baking them!

  2. That looks so yummy, it's putting my tea to shame. Merry Christmas! :)


  3. Loved reading what Christmas means to you:) It's such a magical time of year!


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