January 16, 2014

A word for 2014

Ever since watching Eat, Pray Love I have thought it was a fantastic idea to have a word that describes you and your life. I have yet to find that word although a few have come close to fitting. Maybe I'm to ready to fully commit to one just yet.

After reading several blog posts I have noticed that its becoming a trend for people to chose a word to focus on for the current year, what a great idea. Allie from Between Dreams has chosen the word vibrant, read more about why here. Melyssa from Nectar Collective has created an entire creative collective for 2014. You can link up with her today and share your word.

So whats my word for 2014? after careful consideration I figured out the word that best describes my vision and hopes for this year

The first time I heard the word contentment used to describe your state of mind was in a yoga class. One of my favourite instructors was walking around me and my sister while we were in chair pose, this pose I was not a fan of and constantly struggled with. I was getting so frustrated to the point I was ready to lay down on my mat the rest of the class. The instructor started talking about letting things go, completely emptying your mind and focusing on nothing but the current pose. He spoke the word Santosha - the art of contentment. He looked right at me and said contentment, remember that word when your struggles feel to overwhelming.

That has stayed with me every since, so this year I have chosen it as my word. To remind myself to be content with my life and all the great people I have in it. So even as I work towards the goals that I have set for myself this year, some things may not work out but that doesn't mean that I didn't try.

Whats your word?


  1. I recently had a conversation about this word with a family member. We were playing with the idea that the path to contentment is the path to longterm happiness.

  2. Contentment sounds like a wonderful idea to hold and cherish in the new year. Often with resolutions we end up striving for so many things that we don't appreciate what we already have and do.

    I wrote about my three words as part of the CC too: patience, generosity, insight. :)

  3. Thats such a perfect word! I dabbled in yoga when i was taking massage therapy classes, and I would love to start up again.
    My word for this year morphed into more of a phrase, per se...
    "Persevere with Faith" :)

  4. Fabulous word! :) Lovely idea!
    I think mine is more like a phrase.... Smile and be positive!

  5. I love this! You chose a great word and have a wonderful meaning behind it. My word for the year is create.


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