February 24, 2014

A weekend in pictures

This weekend was bleak and cold with no sun in sight, so naturally I stayed warm inside. Here are a few pictures of what I got up to.

 Dinner for one

 My reading material for the weekend
 In a attempt to bring spring to me I bought some tulips

Pretty yarn for my new knitting project


  1. Props to you for cooking that amazing for yourself!

    1. I agree! I get a bit lazy when it's just me - good on you Kayleigh! xoxox

  2. The blue color of the yarn is so pretty!

  3. those brussels sprouts looks scrumptious!

  4. I love b sprouts, I usually have them with a vinegar reduction but really I haven't had them in a way I haven't enjoyed. Can't wait to see what your next knitting project is :)

  5. Oh gosh, I wish I fed myself that good when it was just dinner for one ;)
    xo TJ



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