February 13, 2014

Currently craving: tulle

Currently craving tulle


Ever since I have moved back to a city I have really wanted to go on a crazy shopping spree. Of course its so cold here all I really want to do is cozy up with big sweaters and comfy blankets. When the weather finally does start warming up I really want to find/make myself a really amazing tulle skirt or dress.


  1. totally agree kayleigh...love seeing tulle skirts dressed up or down.
    that dress carrie wore on her last night in paris <3 <3 <3

  2. I've always loved tulle for as long as I can remember. I think it must be all the years of ballet classes! These are all gorgeous.

  3. How lovely! It's a bit too cold over here for me to wear the things I want too. Tulle is such a wonderful fabric, so romantic, a little mysterious and all too pretty. I don't think I have any tulle in my wardrobe - must be rectified asap! xoxox

  4. Oh I have so wanted a tulle skirt for so long! Pretty much since Carrie from Sex and The City wore on at the end of the series!!

  5. Tulle skirts are so pretty! I'm not sure it's my personal style but I love seeing them on others :)


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