February 10, 2014

How to settle into a new place

Do you find that you have a routine that you continuously repeat each and every time you move to a new place? I know I do. Each time I move to a new place there are certain things that I immediately want to find, explore and get to know.

The local coffee shop - This is a must. Pretty much the first thing Jason and I look for in our new neighbourhood is a cozy little cafe that we can spend our Sunday mornings in. Relaxing with a large latte and a good book is one of my favourite things to do on my days off.

The closest library - As many of you know I am a big book worm. This hobby can be very expensive if like me you choose to spend many hours in bookstores. I realized eventually that my budget would not always allow me to buy as many books as I would like. But renting them from the library is just as great, especially when you realize you may never read a particular book again.

A friendly pub - We don't go out that often buts its always nice to go out and have a few drinks, watch a hockey game or catch up with friends. Its nice to have a pub a few blocks away from home. Nothing better then celebrating the weekend with a glass of wine.

Farmers market -  Whenever possible I do try and buy my groceries from local suppliers. I love the treasures you can find from the artists that set up their booths here. One of my favourite things to buy is local honey. It always tastes so amazing. I add it to everything I can.


  1. I like these! We are currently searching for a new home and I am definitely nervous about making the transition of getting involved in a new community. For me the list of 'musts' is probably going to include child friendly play centers and story time at the library. :-) I like the coffee shop one, though!

  2. Finding a great local cafe is a must for me as well! I also look for the nearest gym and running paths.


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