February 1, 2014

Random wanderings: January edition

January is officially over. I assumed that by showing up near the end of January I would miss the majority of the cold Calgary weather, I was so wrong. Hello - 20. But it is a new month and I am looking forward to those longer, warmer days that spring will soon offer.

To celebrate the end of the the first month of the year I introduce to you a new series where I share all my favourite finds for the month. I realize I am a day late but I have been all about procrastination lately.

  • What career should you have. I got astronaut.
  • Where should you actually be living. Mine was Paris.
  • Do you know whats in your tea? This might surprise you.
  • Gala Darling has a great post about gratitude in a jar.
  • Not a morning person? here are some ways to change that.
  • Jess Lively talks about balancing your habits.
  • Do you follow your horoscope? Here is your forecast for 2014.
  • A Beautiful Mess shares tips on how to be more productive this year.
  • Don't date a girl who travels. Are you this girl?
  • Steph abroad talks about her take on the above article. I love this.
How to quit your job and travel the world. Kate talks all about it.

Have you read anything interesting lately? Share in the comments below.


  1. I read the Don't Date a Girl Who Travels article. Before reading it the title turned me off, but the article turned out to be something entirely different. It was quite motivational. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I think the article is pretty interesting and especially the article arguing the other side.

  2. I've opened all the links, they all seem like great articles to read. With the gratitude jar - I have a journal where each day I write down what I'm grateful for, and from the first day we got married Patrick and I have a journal that we each write a line in every day about our marriage and how we feel about each other :) Now with Miss 9 we go around the table every night and say what we're grateful for and what we're disappointed about. It's a great way to reflect on our day. Thanks for sharing all of these links, I'm off to read the rest. Happy February!

    1. Those are such great ideas. I might try that one, instead of trying to right an entire page all the time I could just write a sentence everyday to remind me of special moments ect. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I love all these links Kaleigh! I especially love Kate's advice on quitting your job and traveling the world! That's exactly what Tyrone and I did! I hope the Calgary weather warms up a little soon - negative 20 is just too cold! After a cold Canadian winter, I'm loving the warm weather in the southern US states at the moment :) Have a wonderful February! Xo

    1. Yes -20 is horrid after spending two years away from it. I am lucky that I can spend most of my time indoors at the moment or get my sisters to drive me places as I am a serious wimp.


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