February 6, 2014

The downside to travelling

What could possibly be the downside to travelling? the settling down part after the travelling is done, thats what. I love only having a suitcase to call mine, in fact I thrive on the limitations I am forced to place on myself because whatever I own needs to fit into that one particular suitcase.  I am finding myself totally overwhelmed with the process of settling down, anyone else had this problem?

Since returning to Calgary my time has been split between catching up with my sisters and friends and trying to find a place for Jason and I to call home. As if it wasn't enough to try and except that rent prices have really increased but due to the floods that they experienced last year there is a serious lack of available rentals. Combine that with credit checks, references and a million questions regarding my why I am not currently employed the process was exhausting.

I am happy to report that I have found a place, a nice although smaller then I would have liked place. Now with this comes a whole kind of other problem, finding furniture to fill up this space. I was lucky enough to have my older sister with me when shopping for a mattress. I have never had to shop for any kind of furniture being lucky enough to take it from home when I moved out or been gifted it from friends and family. When asked what I was looking for in a mattress I replied a comfy one. Seeing the panicked expression on my face my sister took over asking all the right questions and figuring everything out right down to when it could be delivered.

Have you ever been in a furniture store? Its absolutely terrifying. The sales people jump on you the moment you arrive in the door and even after you let them know you are just browsing proceed to follow you around the entire store until it gets to the point you just want to leave because you can't concentrate with this person watching your every move.

To date we currently have a mattress, box spring and a very comfy couch bought for the high price of $75 from the Habitat for Humanity re-store. This furniture shopping business will probably be a long one for me as I currently look around our place and am content with what little we have in here. In this experience I have discovered that I much prefer hunting for hidden treasures in the second hand stores. Pieces that have history, that are just begging to be brought back to life and for me to put my own mark on them.

Have you ever found anything extraordinary in a second hand store?


  1. i completely agree with you about the hardest part of long-term traveling is coming home. after my big trip it took me quite some time to adjust to the fact that not every day would be filled with new museums, new foods, new sights, and new experiences. it also doesn't help that indianapolis honestly is just not quite as beautiful as paris, vienna, london, etc. but on the flip side it feels really good {at least for me} to have some stability in my life...and it certainly doesn't hurt that i get to spend every day with my boyfriend and our pup :)

    i always try to continue to cultivate new experiences be it reading a new book, visiting different restaurants across the city, checking out local galleries, learning a new skill, or spending a day hiking in the woods. that phrase "be a tourist everyday" {or something to that nature} really resonates with me and i think has allowed me to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and make the best of every day.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  2. Oh Kayleigh I couldn't agree more! We got ourselves a furnished place but for the rest of the furniture we wanted/needed we went to second hand stores. We bought my writing desk at a fancy store but I minimised any interaction with the sales people. I saw the table, said that one, and then tuned out. It becomes such an uncomfortable shopping experience. I'm so happy you've found a space to call your own and I'm sending you lots of positive shopping vibes :)

  3. I really enjoyed reading this. There's a downside to everything, I think. But in this case, the pros totally outweigh the downside.

  4. I agree Kayleigh! Up until recently, the thought of returning home once these latest travels are over terrified me completely! Only now I'm starting to get excited as I see it as a new adventure (mainly because I'm moving to the country in Queensland, Australia to live with my boyfriend)! I so agree with you about furniture stores! I really dislike overbearing sales people and it just makes me want to leave and not even browse because its too stressful having them breathing down your neck all the time! Personally, I love second hand stores. Its so satisfying finding a treasure or something you know you can put your own stamp on! Carly x

  5. I found a mason jar painted with sweet dasies for 50c once - loved it! I'm also experiencing the odd sensation of returning home after traveling for a long time :( Just unpacked my storage container.



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