March 31, 2014

Random wanderings - March

March is ending and you know what that means, warmer weather is sure to follow. Come on April showers and May flowers. Although will still have snow on the ground here I all ready feel like Spring is starting to appear. I really hope to wake up one morning to see the snow replace with tulips and daffodils. Until then, I have rounded up some great reads for you guys.

  • The importance of calming your mind and being at ease. How good are you at shutting everything out.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and heres to a fun week ahead.

March 27, 2014

Don't you want to love something

 I heard this phrase while at the movies the other day. A couple where having a conversation about their careers. The girl asked the guy about his job and if it was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He said it was a good job and it paid well but it wasn't his passion and she asked, don't you want to love something?

I had never really thought about it that way before now. I went to school to become an Esthetician simply because at the time it was the only thing I enjoyed and that I could see myself doing as a career. I have never put my career first, instead choosing a job that would pay well making travel possible.

I am an extremely restless person. I switch back and forth and change my mind a million times, so for me, finding my purpose has been a bit of a struggle. For example, I have had five different jobs in one year. Simply because there was something that bothered me, or I didn't exactly agree with certain rules or procedures.

I have realized over the years that I will never be someone who just wants to do one thing. I have a long list of courses and programs I would like to take. Some for fun and others so I can test them out to see if I want to turn it into a career. I am envious of those who have always known what they wanted to do and have been happy in their career choice for years.

 I am happy to report that I have signed up for a month long intensive yoga teacher training program. True to my nature I am diving right in, ready to fully immerse myself in the experience. For the next few months I will be working on my practice, making sure that I am ready for the challenge ahead. I have a long list of books to read, some on the required reading list and others that have peaked my curiosity. I am really excited to share this experience with you guys and hopefully at the end of July I will be a qualified yoga teacher.

What are you passionate about? What steps did you take to figure it out?

March 26, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday - Oregon

Cape Kiwonda - Oregon

Anyone planning a trip to Oregon anytime soon? Make sure you stop by this national park. It is full of breathing taking views and picture opportunities.

March 24, 2014

This spring.....

Spring is officially here and although as I'm sitting here writing this, outside it looks like were in the dead of winter I still can't help thinking about warmer weather, spring blooms and adventures.

I love that everything starts to come alive in the spring, coming out of hibernation, wiping away the cobwebs and gearing up for the excitement that always comes with warmer weather.

This spring I want to surround myself with plants, recreating the tropical jungle that was our garden in Australia. I want to grow a herb garden and use more spices in my cooking. I want to cook everything on the bbq and have little balcony parties. I want to make homemade lemonade and read all the books on my list. I want to practice yoga everyday and sit on the couch less. I want to go on mini adventures and take pictures of everything.

What do you want this spring?

March 21, 2014

Corfu, Greece

A few weeks ago the lovely Molly from Dreaming in HD invited me to do a guest post for her. I decided to write about my wonderful experience living and volunteering in Corfu, Greece. Below is a little bit about my experience. In the next few weeks I will share bits and pieces from my travels around Europe.

I spent five months living on a horse ranch/riding centre. Originally I was only going to stay about one month before continuing on to the other islands but I just fell in love with everything about Corfu and I couldn't bare to leave so soon. I randomly found the Silva Riding Centre online when I was looking for places to volunteer at in exchange for room and board. The centre is located about 10 minutes outside of the town of Corfu sitting right on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Not only is the surrounding area picturesque but the actual property is so large that you feel like you are in your own little magical world.

I worked 6 days a week if you could even call it work. Basically I fed, rode and played with horses all day long. I also helped out in the lessons when I was needed, mostly leading around the younger children that were not yet old enough to ride completely by themselves. Apart from being a training centre the Silva Project also rescued unwanted and abused animals, usually horses and dogs. It was heartbreaking to see the condition that most of the animals were brought to us in but helping them recover and watching them transform as the months went on was heartwarming. I wanted to adopt every single one and bring them home with me.

In my free time I would wander around the island taking pictures, walk into town with the other volunteers to enjoy the outdoor markets and coffee shops. We had private beach access on the property so at night if it was warm enough we would head down and sit around a bonfire watching the stars. I loved getting to know all the other volunteers who came from all over the world to share in this experience. These fellow volunteers became my family over those months and dinner was always a large, loud event with wine and dancing continuing into the early hours of the morning.

I will forever cherish my time here and would love to go back one day. I honestly could of spent the rest of my life here content to forever be a volunteer. I would recommend Corfu to anyone looking for a peaceful island getaway. The locals are so friendly and welcoming, we were always invited to festivals and special occasions. The view from the beach is worth the trip alone and the food is to die for.

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn a bit about me and my travels. Although I went backpacking through Europe more then four years ago I have never shared my experience here on the blog. I'm excited to share more about my travels and time there.

March 20, 2014

Life Lately

I woke to the ping ping of my phone letting me know I had a text. Grudgingly I lift myself out of bed and rub the sleep from my eyes. Morning has once again come to quickly but it means I get to talk to Jason as he finishes his shift and heads back to his hotel. I love these early morning conversations, there is nothing better then hearing his voice to start my day. It occurs to me just how lucky I am to have Jason. Not that I don't think that everyday but today in particular I am grateful for his sage advice and support.

My coffee is slowly brewing in the french press and I feel myself perk up from the smell. Its a blizzard outside even though its suppose to be the first official day of spring. I dislike the cold grey days of winter but today there is something weirdly magical about the snow.

There is an endless quiet all around me and I find myself spending hours sipping my coffee and watching the big fluffy flakes fall. With the promise of warmer weather I find myself coming alive with goals and ambitions for the year ahead. Many ideas have been swimming around in this head of mine, I'm not to the point of sharing them just yet but in the next few months I will have lots of things to talk about.

March 19, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday - Big Ben

Big Ben

Isn't this an amazing picture. There is nothing better then getting to see a famous monument, that is until you combine that with the perfect sunset.

March 7, 2014

Healthy veggie burgers

Remember this post where I talked about all the things I wanted to concentrate on in the year 2014? Well I had every intention of starting the year off getting back to my normal healthy eating habits. To stop slacking, stop being lazy and actually put thought and effort into the things I cooked for myself. So far I haven't been doing the greatest job with this. Mostly its laziness to be honest, plus cooking for one really isn't that fun.

I have noticed a big difference in my mood and energy, all my unhealthy choices are starting to catch up to me. Enough is enough, from now on I will be thinking up meals ahead of time, writing down a weekly menu and grocery shopping for the week or two so I am nicely organized and know exactly what to cook when I get home.

I have been craving veggie burgers lately. They are so tasty, healthy and give you all the nutrients you are looking for. So far I have found three that I really want to try.

 Peanut, BBQ & sweet potato burger

Roasted root veggie burger

Carrot, zucchini & quinoa veggie burger

March 5, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday - Floating coffee shop

Floating coffee shop Graz, Austria

A floating coffee shop, say what. Could you imagine how relaxing it would be to sit out and enjoy the view while sipping on a latte.

March 4, 2014

Corfu memories with Dreams in HD

Today I'm over at Dreams in HD talking about my wonderful adventure living in Corfu, Greece. If you would like to ride more head on over here.

March 1, 2014

Random Wanderings: February, I'm glad to see you go

February is officially over. With March should come spring but its still cold and gloomy around here, lets hope the sun starts shinning and the flowers bloom soon. I cannot imagine having to spend another month in these freezing temperatures.

Anyways, below find some great reads that I have found for your reading pleasure.

  • Are you bored of the same old date night. How About We helps you get creative for date night, even if you've been together for years you will find some great ideas.
  • I've been searching the internet for some great knitting patterns and absolutely love ravelry, they have every pattern you could think of.
  • Its ok if your dreams start to change over the years. Emma write a beautiful post on her changing dreams.

I hope you enjoy this months readings and have a wonderful weekend.

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