April 8, 2014

Sculpture Park

Tucked away in the beautiful Surrey countryside is the Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park. Filled with more then 500 sculptures the park is set over ten acres. We went on a perfect sunny day and were the only ones there, taking out time we spend probably four hours here, taking a break in-between to go across the street and have a drink at the pub before we continued the rest of the tour.

Walking around the only sound to be heard were the birds singing away in the trees. The light shone just the right way to make everything twinkle, the statues seem to come alive. I enjoyed this magical wonderland and all it had to offer.

The park is open year round, allowing you to enjoy the beauty in every season. Most of the pieces are for sale and as a result they are forever changing. Every time you come you are guaranteed to see something new.

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