May 12, 2014

Life Lately: Spring edition

So I have kind of let blogging fall apart these last few weeks. To tell you the truth I have felt zero motivation to write. That's not to say that I haven't been trying to write down my thoughts and ideas. Just that when I do, I end up staring at my blank screen for hours, unable to get exactly what I am thinking down in words. Its mostly due to this weather we have been getting lately. One day its beautiful and sunny and the next we have a snow storm. Its kind of impossible to feel productive when its May and we are still getting cold weather.

Jason came home last week after being gone for just about five weeks. I missed him like crazy and for the past few weeks that's all I could focus on. My writing and crafts lay neglected as I sat and felt sorry for myself. The day he got home was better then Christmas. We took a four day road trip up through the mountains into British Columbia and it was fantastic. Exactly what I needed. Pictures to follow soon.

I have finally started getting myself organized and we have lots of little trips planned for the month that he is home. I will have plenty to write about from now on.

How has your spring been so far?


  1. I can't wait to hear about upcoming mini trips! I've been devoting a lot more time to content creating/writing for my blog (I don't have a PhD to use an excuse any more!) and I've found to be absolutely perfect alternative to 'looking at a blank screen'. I'm struggling to find spaces to take my photos, so tomorrow I think I'll try to combat that! I foresee lugging furniture and rearranging my work space to include a little photography space.

    1. I have loved reading your new content that you have been posting lately. You can really tell that your life has changed direction and its great to see you grow and explore new areas. I have always loved your fashion posts and the way you embrace local artists. I love your writing desk. I need to find one of those.

  2. HappySITS! I love how you find inspiration from every day things. I would never think of it.


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