August 5, 2014

Rocky Mountains

Although I do complain about the lack of summer and long winters here in Calgary, one thing I absolutely love is how close we are to the mountains. In May I was feeling pretty restless so the minute Jason came home, we packed our bags and took off. We decided to head off into the mountains but weren't entirely sure exactly where we would end up.

Even though I've taken numerous trips into the mountains, the beauty still takes my breath away. Its a scenic drive with no reason to rush. I had my camera at the ready the entire drive, hoping to see some wildlife. Unfortunately this did not happen.

There was still tons of snow in the mountains, including an avalanche or two. As we crossed over into BC and headed in the direction of the Okanogan I couldn't get over how green everything was. While Calgary was still dead and brown, BC had lush green fields, leaves on the trees and tulips everywhere.

After eight hours of driving we decided to stop in Penticton. A cute little lakeside town. Tucked away in a little valley, surrounded by wineries, independent coffee shops and of course beautiful sandy beaches.


  1. This place looks stunning! Looks like you had a great time!

    1. I am very lucky to live this close to the mountains, its a great escape from the city.


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