September 1, 2014

August roundup

I can't believe its the end of summer. Where did the last two months go? July, my life was all about the 200 hour yoga teacher training program. I thought I would have more time in August to enjoy these nice hot days we have been getting, but time sure pasted by fast.

September promises to be a month full of adventure, we leave for our trip to the UK on the 4th and will be there for just over three weeks. I can't wait.

To celebrate the beginning of September here are a few things that I came across this month.

Not sure how to start your own compost? Its easier then you think.

If photography is your thing, check out these 100 iconic photos from the past ten years.

If you want to do something creative for a living, check out this post on how to be an artist.

An interesting perspective on how to grow your blog.

Looking to work on yourself, six ways to be the best you.

Wise words. If you're going to fall, fall forward.

Something new for all those coffee lovers. Bulletproof coffee. I tried it and thought it was delicious.

Favorite quote right now.

When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside. Rumi


  1. I hope you will pack sweaters for your trip over here as it is cooler now especially in the evenings! Thanks for these links, many of which interest me!

    1. I packed a lot of different things lol. The weather was actually fantastic while we were there. Only one day of rain.

  2. Great round up! It sounds like you had a very busy and productive summer :) I hope you have a great time in the UK! I've always wanted to visit!

  3. Great Links! Thanks for sharing.
    And I wish you a great trip in the UK.

    1. It was a fantastic trip. I can't wait to share it with everyone.


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