September 9, 2014

Carry on essentials

Carry on essentials

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When I travel, especially on long flights, there are a few things I just can't live without.

Notebook and pen - I find that being stuck on a flight is the best time to write. You have nowhere else to be, so you might as well relax and take advantage of the time.

Music - When I want to relax and drown out any excess noise, my iPod really comes in handy.

Neck pillow - I find it hard to get comfortable enough on a flight to be able to fall asleep. A neck pillow is a must for me.

Face cream - My skin gets so dry and irritated on long flights. Having a small jar of cream really helps keep the stress to a minimum.

A great book - Why not kill a couple of hours reading a book you have been meaning to make time for.

A giant purse - To fit all these must haves into.

Lip balm - A slightly tinted lip balm is a way for me to feel refreshed once I step off the plane.

Coffee - I fight coffee really soothing, and since I tend to get a bit nervous travelling, having a big cup of coffee is the perfect cure.

What are your travel essentials?


  1. i also can't live without my eye mask and melatonin! however for our trip to thailand, i plan on taking the real thing and popping a sleeping pill instead. i will be a mess if i don't get some sleep on the plane!

    1. That is a great idea, I should have done that for our long flight to Australia, I was a mess by the time we reached our destination.

  2. I totally agree! Sometimes reading makes me feel a little travel sick so I'll watch a movie instead. But I do love to write so often I'll just do that. My other travel essential is water! Lots and lots of it! Carly x

    1. I always bring a big bottle of water as well. It's never enough having those little cups they give you.


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