September 15, 2014

Leaving your ego at the door

When you're sitting in a room, surrounded by 28 other people watching them twist, turn and bend into incredible poses, its hard to not get carried away. Our ego is often a back seat driver, taunting us,pushing us beyond our edge. The edge being where you can go to comfortably without hurting yourself.

The first thing we were told on the first day of yoga teacher training was to leave our ego at the door. Everyone is nodding their head thinking, yah totally no problem. Then class starts. We are warned that we will be doing yoga for hours each day, so take a resting pose if you need it. The first week no one took resting pose, determined not to be the first one to give in. By the second week the exhaustion was showing. Everyone took a resting pose at least once. Our teacher would say, be brave, take a resting pose.

Why is it that we associate admitting our limits with defeat. I know I have this mindset. Its something I am working on, and will probably always have to work on. For me the hardest thing is admitting that because of an old neck injury, there are a few poses that I will never be able to do.

After a week of spending nine hours a day together, you realize everyone is working with their own injuries and insecurities. Acknowledging that we have limitations does not mean we are weak. There is no pain in yoga.

Now when I am in a studio surrounded by other students, I feel off the energy. It is amazing the difference I feel from practicing at home to practicing in a studio.

Do you prefer to practice at home or in a studio?

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