September 18, 2014

Venice, Italy

While I was travelling around Italy, my younger sister came to join me on my adventure. It was great to see her, by then I had been away from home for about ten months. True to her nature she had the entire month of her stay planned out so I decided to go along for the ride, enjoying the fact that I didn't have to make any decisions.

Venice is a very magical city. The first day we tried to navigate around with a map, having little success this way we decided just to wander around and see where we ended up. I found some amazing artwork and jewelry. My favourite part about venice was all the mask shops. I would have loved to buy a couple if my budget had allowed it.

We spent about five days in Venice. Enjoying chocolate crepes and lattes. We took in a play about the history of carnival and took the water taxies to explore the surrounding islands. It was sad to see many of the buildings under water, there is so much beauty in this city.


  1. oh how i loved venice. my mom was actually just there earlier this week and her pictures made me miss it SO badly!

    1. I know, its been to long since I was last there. I am thinking a trip to Italy is in order in the next couple of years.


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