February 5, 2015

Our UK adventure

I have left pieces of myself in many different places all over the world and I'm sure I will continue doing so as I have many places still to check off my bucket list. The UK will always be one of the few places that truly feels like home. It has been over four years since my last visit, way to long. The longing for this amazing country has always been there and it finally became so strong that I promised myself regardless of whatever happened this year I was making the trip.

The moment I spot the fog drenched landscape around Gatwick airport and the lady at the customs booth welcomes me to this beautiful country, I know once again that I have made it home. The feeling that washes over me is indescribable. Giddy with excitement I can't wait to show Jason where I grew up, family and friends that I have longed to hug, and of course eat endless amounts of fish and chips.

We have three and a half weeks to explore and I intend to make the most of each and every moment. We chose to arrive with nothing planned other then the people we would be catching up with. Of course I have a long list of places that I would love to see but I prefer to just go with the flow and see where it takes me. I have always travelled this way and I find it is what suits me best.

Do you plan out your travels before you leave or do you like to explore day to day?


  1. I like to have a list of places that would be nice to see, so we can use that as a jumping off point to wander. No set schedule, but some research of what might interest us in the area. :)


    1. Exactly Brittny, its the way I prefer to travel. We always have so much fun

  2. Stunning post!! I love your blog and the way you write - I hope that you are enjoying showing Jason around! It is a stunning place. I miss it at times!
    I've got such a serious case of wanderlust but I can finally say I've JUST booked my tickets to Bali and Philippines!! Eeeeek :)

    New follower on GFC! Hope you follow back and keep in touch! Would love to read more of your adventures xxx


    1. Thanks so much Jade. I'm excited to learn more about your travels in Bali and the phillippines. How exciting for you.


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