February 3, 2015


I'm a big fan of picking just one word to focus on each year. My word for 2014 was contentment. I knew that I would have to work had at this and my daily yoga practice certainly guided me in the right direction. Although I didn't always appreciate everything in my life I feel like having that word as a constant reminder kept me grounded.

This year it was easy for me. My word came to me immediately, NOURISH. Its absolutely perfect for everything that I want to work on/towards this year.

"Nourish - to provide with the materials necessary for life and growth"

Not only will nourish help remind me to eat healthy and be good to my body, it can also be used when considering career opportunities and cultivating meaningful relationships with the people around me.

I think this word will help me make good decisions, all I have to ask myself is will this nourish me. I'm excited to see where 2015 takes me.

Have you picked your word yet?


  1. I think I should also keep 'NOURISH' as my word for the year ( as I haven't picked up one of my own and also because ) I find your reasons satisfactory enough. So, thank you for choosing the watchword of the year already. :-)

    Greetings from http://somtnz.blogspot.in/

    God bless us all. :-)

    1. It is a great word Sonam, I think it will work for a lot of people and I hope it helps you stay focused throughout the year.


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