February 19, 2015

Oxford, England

As I fell in love with the world and characters Deborah Harkness created in her novel, The book of life, I knew someday I would make the trip to Oxford to see the world from her pages come alive.
As I delved deeper into the story I started to imagine what it would be like to attend All Souls College, or walk between the stacks in the Bodelain Library feeling the old leather beneath my fingertips.

The further we walked and the more we discovered I couldn't help but wonder what it would have been like to be a student here. To spend my days attending lectures and hours reading the library. Making new friends and trying out every pub until I found my new favourite.

Each part of the city has something different to offer. Paths along the canal lead to quaint cafes and pubs. Touristy shops filled with trinkets and souvenirs are mixed in with bookstores and historical landmarks. The buildings towered over us on either side making it hard to fit everything in to one picture. I imagine the view from above is amazing.

As we wandered down the side lanes trying to figure out exactly where we were, we ran across the most curious sign claiming to lead the way to the oldest known pub in Oxford.

True to its name the building looked like it was barely holding on. Jason had to hunch as we entered the ceiling were so low, it even made me feel slightly clostraphobic. I completely forgot to write down the name of this pub to share with you. Should anyone know which one I am talking about please leave a comment.

As the evening drew to an end, the sun drenched the old stone in rich honey tones.  My skin tinged red from way to much sun, it was time to find a local pub to rest our feet and enjoy a much deserved drink. I ordered a jug of Pimms, my all time favourite drink which seems to be pretty hard to find in Canada.

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