February 12, 2015

Worcester England

Although we prefer not to make any set plans while we travel, I still had family and friends that I wanted to catch up with and make the most of our trip. Our first destination was to be Worcester. My aunt and uncle had graciously offered to host us during our stay and show us around the Midlands.

Sheltered by the Malvern hills Worcester seems to miss most of the rainy weather that England is so famous for. Clear blue sunny skies made it perfect for wandering around the canals, feeding the ducks and enjoying the patios of several small town pubs.

Although Worcester is on the smaller side for a city it still boosts some amazing sites. Worcester was the home of the Royal Worcester Porcelin, its also the location of the Lea and Perrins factory where my beloved Worcestershire sauce is made.

The above picture was taken in the oldest part of Worcester, slightly tilting but still standing and considered sturdy. Not so sure about that.

This carving was created out of a massive stump that sat in the middle of the park. Talk about talent.

The cathedral here is one of my favourites. Can you believe I was so taken by its beauty I totally forgot to take pictures while touring the inside. We seemed to have luck on our side as even the crypt was open that day, talk about feeling ghosts around you.

 Have you ever been to Worcester? What was your favourite part.


  1. Great blog! We've never been to Worcester but it looks great.

    xx Kate & Leesa


    1. Thanks so much Kate & Leesa, this was my first time there. It was fantastic. Lots of things to see and do and so close to the Cotswolds as well.


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