March 5, 2015

A day in Worcester

If you only had one day to spend in Worcester, here is what I would suggest you do.

To get your day started, stop off at one of the local cafe's. My suggestion would be Soho Coffee House. With its inviting atmosphere, perfectly brewed espresso and lots of choices for something to eat its the perfect start to your day.

After a satisfying cup of coffee our next stop is the Worcester cathedral. One of the most impressive cathedrals in England, its right up there with my all time favourite, Canterbury cathedral. Take your time to wander around both inside and out, the architecture is incredible. Can you believe that I was completely mesmerized by the stone glass and overall detail that I completely forgot to take pictures. If you're lucky everything will be open to the public including the crypt.

Continuing on, make your way slowly down to the river. Walking along you will see house boats, chestnut trees and plenty of ducks and swans to feed. Also something interesting would be all the dates etched into the side wall each time the town has flooded. Every year is placed at the height where the water reached. It is crazy how high the water went.

By this time we have reached the main shopping area including high street. If you are in a shopping mood there is plenty to choose from. Art galleries, flower stalls and boutique clothing stores. Another interesting place to check out while you are in the area is the Worcester Guildhall. Its well worth the visit for the internal and external architecture. There was a craft fair going on inside while we were there and I bought some home made soaps and baked goods.

If you have any energy left a few other interesting things worth a look would be The Greyfriars, a very quirky tudor house with tons of history. Elgar birthplace museum, the birthplace of a famous composer. Last but not least Hanbury Hall.

As the day draws to an end I think a much deserved pint is in order. When it comes to pubs there are plenty, my favourite would be The Chestnut. Although I am not much of a beer drinker Jason was absolutely in love with everything he tasted here. I on the other hand enjoyed a nice refreshing jug of pims.

I hope you enjoyed my tour around Worcester, if you have any favourite places I would love to hear about them.


  1. Looks like a great place!

    1. It really is, it doesn't really feel like a city. It still has that nice friendly town feel.

  2. It all looks very cosy, would love to have a cup of tea there!

    1. Simona, there are lots of cute little cafe's to choose from. Especially along the river front.


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