March 3, 2015

February Roundup - bohemian homes, lavender milkshakes and a delicious read

Hello March, I am very happy to see you. Although are winter has been mild here in Penticton, I am still so ready for Spring to arrive. I looked out our living room window this morning and realized that the bushes underneath the windows had little buds on them. Tulips and snow drops are starting to bloom and everything is greening nicely.

I think I have found the perfect spot in Canada to live.

I first clicked on this link simply because of the title, wanderers. Its a short film about space travel that I found really interesting

  • My lovely sister introduced me to this book and it is a must read for everyone, I promise you will love it

Found any great links lately? Feel free to share in the comments below.


  1. Thank you for your gorgeous boho designs!! Just moved into my new place and these are all gorgeous ideas!! Once all my boxes are unpacked I'll definitely be fiddling!! :)

    1. Jade, this was a great find. I loved it. I pinned it for later reference when we buy our own home.


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