March 31, 2015

March roundup - Switzerland, ginger and ultimate road trips

Hello April, oh how you are fast becoming one of my favourite months. It is undoubtedly spring around here. The last few weeks everything has started blooming in the Okanagan valley. Driving to work the orchards and wineries look like a patchwork quilt of beautiful colours.

I can't wait to get out and explore this long weekend. What are your Easter plans?

- Amy Lynn Hayes wrote a fantastic  guest post about realizing when your plans are not working for you and why its ok. Excellent read

- Crazy facts about Switzerland

- Preparing for the road trip season? Here are some fantastic suggestions for America

- Want to move but not sure where, take the myers briggs personality test to figure it out

- Lets try to grow a few different things this year, how to grow ginger indoors

- 300 totally amazing free things just for bloggers, enjoy

- An example of incredible strength, vinyasa flow

Here's to a short work week and a long weekend.

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