May 7, 2015

A drive through New Forest National Park

Whenever we are driving somewhere new to explore and discover places, I am always one for driving the back roads instead of the highway. I feel that you see so much more of what the countryside has to offer and England is no different.

On our way to Highcliffe castle and the pebble beaches that surrounds it we happily took a slight detour to drive through New Forest National Park. New Forest is located in southern England and also includes one of the largest remaining unencloused pasture lands. This means that there are horses everywhere and I mean everywhere. Make sure to drive slow when you are in the area especially in the little villages.

The horses were super friendly and I was excited to get out to fed and hug them all. They walk around freely and don't seem to be bothered by our presence at all. We even drove by two horses on the sidewalk of the little village that were dozing in the sun, completely oblivious to the traffic going by.

The forest offers a little something for everyone, escape into the quiet forest, hike the trails or wander around the little villages and explore the gardens. You will not be disappointed.

We decided to stop to walk some of the trails, its just too beautiful to pass up really. Getting lost in the wilderness, the smell and sounds of nature surrounding you. Its sure to calm even the most restless soul. The day was cloudless and bright which was the perfect excuse to take our time and discover our surroundings instead of rushing to our originally planned destination.

If your heading down to the many seaside towns I would recommend taking the detour through the New Forest, especially if you are a horse lover like myself.

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  1. How beautiful, what an amazing creature. It's great that you can openly be in there presence and be so up close to them without spooking them. You captured some great photos by the way.


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