May 19, 2015

Highcliff castle, England

While we were exploring the New Forest we discovered cute little towns like Lymington and Highcliffe. Our original goal for coming down to this area was to enjoy the sunshine and pebble beach. During our search for a place to stop for lunch we discovered Highcliffe castle, which also had an adorable little cafe where you could sit out in the gardens with your lunch.

As we parked the car and wandered down the trail towards the castle, I peaked through the trees to see the perfect picture opportunity. There was absolutely no one around, no sound but the little tweety birds in the trees. The sun shining high and bright overhead. It was stunning.

We spent a couple of hours here after enjoying a light lunch. There was lots to explore. I really enjoying walking around the outside of the castle, plenty of secret spots to discover. Sadly the inside is not nearly has amazing as the outside was. Most of it was closed for repairs although there was a few parts you could get to.

 As you can see we also made it to the beach. Although it was not the sandy beaches of Australia that we had come to know and love, we layer out our blanket and enjoyed the sunshine. Again there was no one around, it felt like our own little piece of paradise.

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